The Casa24 guide.


Payment by credit card is accepted for all the cards that display the logos "Visa", "MasterCard", "American Express".
On you can also pay with prepaid cards "Visa Electron" and with the cards of the circuit "Maestro."

Payment by credit card is done in complete security with secure and encrypted connections with certificates issued by independent authority ("VeriSign", "ATW").
The credit card numbers are not stored in the server Casa24.


"PayPal" is a method of secure payment process. If you have an account"PayPal", you can use it for your payments on If you do not have an account "PayPal" you can also pay by credit card on "PayPal".

By choosing payment via "PayPal" no data will be stored by Casa24. At checkout you will be sent to your account "PayPal". From there you will be able to log in and make the payment or choose to pay by credit card. "PayPal" will warn us that the order made was paid correctly and your order will then be processed.

You can create an account "PayPal" also from the purchase page of or click here to open the page for creating a new account on "PayPal".

PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER accepts payments by bank transfer. In the bank transfer is necessary to indicate the order number. The order will be confirmed upon receipt of payment by

The timing of reception of the payment vary from a few hours to 7 working days and depends on the technical times of the credit institutions. For this reason it is not possible to define an exact date of delivery.

Need an insight?

Send us an email or contact us by telephone to our Customers Service from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays from 9:30AM to 7:00PM, at (+39) 0434.63.26.88.


For orders placed by credit card, prepaid card, with "PayPal" or "GoogleCheckout" the debit date is the one of the day when the order is placed.

For payments made by bank transfer, the debit date, depends on the credit institution from which the transfer was made.

In the case of the occurrence of an unexpected event that does not make it possible to deliver all items included in the order, you will be contacted for the return of the amount not due. For more information go to the page "Refunds".


If you would like to receive an invoice you have to insert the VAT number of your company into the field VAT in the purchase process.

All prices shown on the pages of and in the basket are VAT included.

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